SM100 utility Dashis


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One of a kind knives in ultra-rare SM100 metal. 

SM100 is not steel, it is a nickel/titanium alloy used in govt space programs. It is the only non-ferrous material that can be through hardened to over 60 rockwell and it is also a metal deemed "corrosion proof" by NASA. Approx 20% weight savings over steel

Minimalist and ultra handy blade shape for utility tasks in the office or workshop, makes for a great conversation piece as well. 

Two unique pieces available!

Dashi #1 is more of a muted bronze color and a bit longer approx 6 7/8" length

Dashi #2 Is a brighter orange/yellow hue predominantly and is approx 6 1/2" in length

Scalloped flats with heat coloring blade

Curved blade shape with cord wrap and pointed scribe on opposite end. Includes blade and scribe covers for storage & transport. 


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