OT model short blade SCANDI


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Joe worked on the OT design over several years to make an extremely user friendly and nice to work with blade for farm, field, hunting and bushcraft work. A masterfully dehorned and blended handle and edges mean no hot spots or blisters under extended work sessions. The handle is designed to minimize hand fatigue and to be low-snag against brush and other obstacles. It will be one of your most reached for knives, being one of the sharpest and best cutting ones you'll ever own!

-.90 thou thick AEB-L steel w/ cryo processing. Simply put- AEB-L is the toughest of the stainless steels. While it does not have the long term edge holding of some modern supersteels, it is fast and easy to sharpen. Those who always liked carbon steel will love it, as the performance is really similar, except stainless. Even knife steel guru Larrin Thomas says it is one of his favorite blade steels!

-approx 7.50" OAL with 3.25" blade

-Center palm swell sculpted Richlite handle with copper pins

-Flat scandi ground- square spine edge for scraping tasks, allowing you to save your edge for cutting. The flatness can be restored with your sharpening stones if ever needed. Don't like the square edge? It is easy to bevel with your sharpening stone.

-Thick field tan boltaron sheath formed to YOUR knife! Includes drain hole. High cut sheath for more handle protection, security in the field, and ease of re-sheathing. Thumb ramp to push off if knife isn't worn on person. 


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