OT Model OD 3V


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The OT model is a classic example of a Watson knife design being useful for numerous roles, not just a one trick pony.  Superbly useful blade shape with a handle that is comfortable for extended utility use, with a handle shape that will resist snags on the environment, clothing and gear while being comfortable to carry. The G10 scales have been been sculpted with a light to medium scallop which the user can smooth out to their liking if desired. This example was fabricated from CPM3V steel with a meticulous heat and cryogenic processing with each blade verified by triple hardness testing. The blade is then freehand ground and polished through progressive steps.  The spine is square and sharp to use for essential utility scraping chores while allowing you to spare the cutting edge, it does not have false edge in order to maintain a stronger point. The bright satin finish helps resist corrosion and decreases friction when cutting. Includes custom formed and tuned OD green sheath set up for the attachment of your choosing. The knife is approximately 8.25" long with a 4" blade. Crafted with skilled hand labor in the USA with American materials. 


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