MilDagger BLKOUT


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Over eleven years ago Joe was introduced to some military members who were looking for replacements for daggers they'd bought from another vendor. There were multiple construction issues, the blades were far too thick and heavy with axe-like geometry. Overall construction was very crude for the price. There were sharp edges around the knife. The rubber horse stall matt handles were de-bonding from the handle and left black rub marks on earth-colored uniforms and tactical gear. The carbon steel rusted easily. Having a felt-lined kydex sheath exacerbated that problem as the lining would saturate with moisture. They'd experienced that the handle shape promoted hand-riding onto the blade. The sheaths were very bulky and also encouraged a grip around the blade because they covered too much handle for an immediate access, combative use knife. 

Joe submitted his own dagger design, modified with a full coyote tan finish and g10 handles on the early pieces and delivered a number of runs in this configuration to a number of groups since.

This version has a cord wrapped and fiberglass resin handle and a black cerakote finish. Double-edged grind with a stout point. Steel is AEB-L which is the most durable and least brittle of the knifemaking stainless steels. Black Cerakote finish 

Included is a Boltaron sheath. While many shops use .060 kydex because it is very easy to work with and cheaper, the material is frail and does not hold up to regular use or extreme outdoor temps. Back in the day, Joe said he would get max 3 months use out of commonly available .060 kydex sheaths and holsters before they broke.  Ever since, he's been an advocate for material and thickness that are sufficient for serious use, accept nearly any attachment on the market, and are individually fitted to each knife

Approx 10" OAL and 6" blade. 5/32" thick steel


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