Limited Edition HiTS Knife 3V

Watson Knives

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 The Gamboa knife is a collaborative effort between Joe Watson and Darryl Bolke of Hardwired Tactical Shooting.

A limited release version with special handle wrap and warlord blade finish

-CPM3V steel 

-7.25" OAL 3.5" blade

-V ground 5/32"  CPM3V thick blade with fully rounded spine. These have thicker edge platforms and a more obtuse edge angle than the pieces I typically make. There is no free lunch in knife design- While not as good for fine cutting tasks, the edge is tougher.

- Handle is nylon cord wrapped cured with fiberglass resin. This handle provides fantastic traction without being abrasive towards clothing or equipment. It is also extremely durable and fully protects the tang underneath.

-The handle allows use of the four major grips as taught in the HiTS curriculum, while the deep finger groove also secures the hand in place, even while wearing gloves. It also makes it easy for the user to identify where the edge is located, without looking.

The HiTS knife is provided with a custom formed boltaron sheath setup for the attachments you prefer


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