Goodsport wharnie mod


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Goodsport with wharncliffe blade shape modification.

-Entirely hand cut, ground, profiled, sculpted blade, scales and sheath. 

-S30V @60Rc for excellent edge holding and ability to take a superb edge. .175 thick. Heat and cryogenically processed using calibrated and verified equipment. Industry common high-heat cutting methods such as laser or plasma are NEVER used by Watson Knives as they degrade the microstructure of the steel. 

-XL wheel hollow ground, medium edge thickness for good blend of cutting ability and durability, bright satin finish with smelt texture on flats

-Full user-friendly dehorn, domed and blended spine

-Scalloped medium texture teal semi-transparent G10 scales max 1/4" thick in center per side 

-7.25 OAL approx 3.3" blade

-Brown thumb-shelf sheath setup for attachments of your choosing, includes Tracker Dan metal spring clip

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