CT-P with RPG bevels


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CT-P: Pikal or reverse edge version of the CT.

Joe was introduced to the reverse edge knife via training with Craig Douglas of Shivworks and his EWO coursework repeatedly, with the first intro dating back to over 10 years ago. The CT-P was his third reverse edge design following the larger Rotura model. 

-.135" thick AEB-L at 60Rc heat and cryogenically processed using calibrated and verified equipment. Common high-heat cutting methods such as laser or plasma are NEVER used by Watson Knives as they degrade the microstructure of the steel. 

-Reinforced point grind bevels. This very labor-intensive freehand grind developed by Joe defies what was previously thought possible and separates itself from anything else on the market in the following ways: First, It starts at the plunge line with a tall and lean hollow grind before gradually transitioning to a flat grind at the point without any "steps" or ledges as found in common compound grinds. Second, the edge platform thickness increases at the point. Third, the bevel height dramatically shortens as it approaches the point. This complex geometry combined with the most durable of the stainless steels amounts to the front end of the knife being more durable than would be expected or commonly seen on a similarly thin and light knife. 

-Pattern acid etch with bright satin polish, false upper edge

-Full user-friendly dehorn

--Multicam black wrap, flared width Bell Pommel Mod, (two other features that originate with Watson Knives), over black stingray hide. Resin hardened and sealed.

-Raptor kydex sheath setup for the attachments of your choosing, included is soft loop with snap

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