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The CT-P is a compact pikal style knife for those familiar and trained in their usage. This design and the training behind it is one of the originals which led the way to popularizing the reverse edge knife market.

-High durability CPM3V 5/32" stock w/ acid wash & striped finish

-Hand ground Single edge with false upper edge

-Official Multicam black & hemp wrap sealed with fiberglass resin. 

-Watson developed bell pommel wrap mod- this adds a subtle outward flare to the pommel of the knife, creating a significant difference in overall feel and handling. There is no free lunch, added width may mean a bit more printing depending on what you're wearing and how you're carrying. But if you have the extra room, experience or really enjoy this sort of ergonomic addition, you won't want to go without it again!

-Full dehorn of knife and sheath

-Black raptor kydex individually formed and fitted to YOUR knife. Sheath is setup for multiple industry common attachments and is cut for a correct combative grip. 

approx 6.50" OAL, 2.75" blade


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