Alamo Special Long


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Remember the Alamo! This blade carries design features from a number of knives and bladesmiths tied to the battle, in a modern, compact format and with some of Joe's preferred styling. The use of the word "special" is a nod to great bladesmiths of recent history such as Bob Loveless. 

-1/4" W2 steel with hamon

-Approx 9.25" long with 5.25" blade

-Heavily tapered tang

-Sharpened clip. 

-This particular Alamo Special has a complex bevel geometry where the bevels start as a deep, tall hollow grind near the guard and smoothly transitions into shorter convex bevels at the point. 

-Stabilized black palm scales with red g10 liners and full set brass pins

Brown Raptor Kydex sheath



Type: Unknown Type