Purchasing & Authorized Dealers

Thank you for your interest, support and spreading the word! It is the only thing that allows me to keep this small shop going.

My shop is a part-time endeavor and consists of just me. Big emphasis on doing things the right way with a sincere effort to make each piece to the best of my ability, opting to stick to my proven construction and heat treat methods. 

I appreciate all the demand and interest in my work! Thank you! I am working hard to keep knives coming. Please keep an eye on my authorized dealers as well as my social media pages- Instagram: joewatsonusa and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joewatsonusa/. I love seeing your pictures and stories posted as well

Very soon, you may also want to participate in the upcoming Watson Knives official group on Facebook  where you can purchase, trade and sell your Watson Knives within that community. Looking for a particular or especially rare piece? Post there and make deals with owners! https://www.facebook.com/groups/204389850303837/

 My knives are sold:

-Here on this website as they become available

-Through my dealers as they become available 

-At certain knife shows, through myself or authorized dealers. With the current COVID19 situation, your guess is as good as mine when the next show will be.

Always use your discretion and common sense when purchasing from a non-authorized dealer!