Mission 22 Build

July 28, 2020

Every day and especially today is a good day to reflect and do something to make those we lost proud.

Recently started to gather up some supplies and help from friends for a charity fundraiser to support Mission 22, a high performing nonprofit organization I've been supporting for a long time. They serve all walks of combat vets by enrolling them in free of charge programs to help them overcome the mental and psychological effects of stress, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse and more.

The M1911 pistol will be stripped until nothing but bare slide/ frame remain and best quality parts will be fitted throughout. Before the final metal finish is applied, the gun and its logbook will be traveling with me so that a number of peers and people I look up to can shoot it and sign the book.

This project will take months to complete as several craftsman will be involved, we are donating our free time and we're all facing supply chain delays right now. Also we need to wait a bit for a good time to launch because the nation and all media are focused on COVID, riots, economy, etc. In the meantime, we will whittle away.



There will be a few prizes available, most built exclusively for this fundraiser and in the end you won't have to be rich, just lucky enough to snag a one of a kind piece. More to follow as we go

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